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5 Basic Steps of Building Construction Every Civil Engineer Should Know

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  • 5 Basic Steps of Building Construction Every Civil Engineer Should Know
5 Basic Steps of Building Construction Every Civil Engineer Should Know

5 Basic Steps of Building Construction Every Civil Engineer Should Know

June 1, 2022 admin Comments Off

If you are looking to become a construction engineer, you need to get inspiration from famous construction engineers like Behzad Daniel Ferdows. You should also need to know about the basic steps of building construction. These steps include site preparation, framing, foundation, and site layout survey. Read on to learn more about these steps. Also, be sure to read part 3 for more details about Site preparation. Here are some other basic steps of building construction every civil engineer should know:

Site preparation

Site preparation is one of the most challenging aspects of construction. It involves clearing out the site, removing obstacles, and even selling materials from previously constructed structures. These steps are critical because the wrong move could wreck the entire project. Site preparation is also necessary before the main construction activities begin. Below, we will examine each step in more detail. Foundation

The foundation of a building is one of the most important structural elements of any building. It provides support and transfers loads to deeper layers of soil or rock. Ideally, the foundation should have enough bearing capacity and sufficient settlement characteristics to withstand the structure’s weight. When designing a foundation, many factors need to be considered, including the type of soil, the size and shape of the structure, and the local geology, including earthquakes.

Site layout survey

To design the perfect building, you need to understand the process of site layout survey, which is also known as construction staking. This phase of construction begins with excavating the land, determining the position of underground features, and moving on to above-ground elements. Watch this video for a brief overview of the process. Then, you’ll be ready to start constructing your building!

Cantilever beam

The cantilever beam is a structure with a free-hanging end and a fixed end. It is used in buildings, bridges, and towers. Its free end moves freely with the load while its fixed end is fixed to a wall or column. This structure is commonly used in parking areas, towers, bridges, and other structures. Regardless of their use, cantilever beams are fundamental to building construction.

Interior finishing

In building construction, the first step is clearing the site, clearing roots, and leveling the ground area. Excavating machines are then used to excavate a trench for the foundation of the building. The trench is then lined with plain cement concrete (PCC), and reinforcements for the foundation are placed in it. The interior finishing is carried out by hand, if necessary.